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Mia glamping

We are a family friendly resort in Orissaare, Saaremaa island

Join us for idyllic summer holidays full of fresh sea breeze, white nights, and simple joys.

Nordic island summer at its best.

Time to be together

Stay in One of Estonia's Most Comfortable Tents

High ceilings, floor fans, and a flowing sea breeze keep our safari-tents cool during hot summer days. Heated hardwood floors warm up chilly nights. A double-layered roof shelters us from rain as well as reduces the early morning sunlight. Each tent has a dimmable chandelier.  Our mattresses and linen are the same quality as in a five-star hotel. Handcrafted rosewood furniture is made to last for generations. Welcome to one of the most comfortable tents in Estonia!

Glamping Tent

17 m2 of living space (incl. terrace)
Sleeps up to 3 people (max 2 adults, no extra bed possible)
Heated hardwood flooring
Hand-crafted solid rosewood furniture
Premium mattress (25cm thickness) 
100% soft cotton sheets and towels

Shared bathroom accessible in the nearby main building

 Paws and tails are welcome with no extra charge

Suite Tent


37 m2 of living space (incl. terrace)
Sleeps up to 5 people (max 4 adults, no extra bed possible)
Heated hardwood flooring
Hand-crafted solid rosewood furniture
Premium mattress (25cm thickness)
100% soft cotton sheets and towels

Shared bathroom accessible in the nearby main building

  Paws and tails are welcome with no extra charge

Mia Köök

Thoughtful. Casual. Fresh.
Culinary experiences
We serve local culinary superstars: Pähkla trout, Muhu ice cream, Karja Pagar bread, Kadastiku apple juice, and more!
Our Indian food is as authentic as it gets, made by Indian chefs who have crafted 5* experiences all over the world.
Beautiful drinks
From our drink menu, you find award-winning local brands like Lahhentagge gin, Pihtla craft beer, and Surakas vodka.
The wine list is hand-picked by the owners, including classics from Saint-Émilion and Puglia regions.
Farm-to-cup coffee is brought to us by the exotic Indian roastery Blue Tokai.
As good as it gets

Timings: 09:00 – 21:00 Wednesday through Sunday from the 30th May to the 31st of August 2024
For 7+ people groups, we recommend a reservation, we have indoor and outdoor seating

Experience the Nordic Summer

Slow down and keep it simple.

Activities on the site:
indoor and outdoor play areas
library by REaD Bookstore
art gallery and wall-painting
firepit and story evenings
outdoor bath, footbaths and sauna
outdoor billiard and foosball

Things to do close by:
swimming at Illiku
petting zoo
ruins of Maasi Castle
Muhu island (Ostritch ShowfarmAdventure ParkTihuse Horseriding FarmPädaste Manor)
Asva Viking Village

Food options within walking distance:
on-site kitchen for guests
large grocery store
Mia Köök
Pizza & Prosecco
Kohvik Pritsukas
Sadama Kõrts

bug alert

 We have heavy-duty mosquito traps working through the summer that reduce the problem significantly,
however we are not a 100% mosquito free site

There are ticks in Saaremaa. Keep your children and yourself safe. Read more


The perfect summer location to host your corporate event, wedding, or party.
Special Occasions
We are honoured to be considered for the Best Startup and Best Products / Services award for Saare county in 2023, our first season. Be one of the first to bring people together to one of the most unique island resorts in Estonia.

Time to be together

For event enquiries please email: contact@miaglamping.com

Check Out What's Happening Around

The charming seaside borough Orissaare is an emerging holiday spot during brief, but magical Nordic summers. Immerse yourself in the nurturing nature, slow island living, and family-friendly community.

Art & Crafts

Contemporary arts and crafts are seamlessly integrated into every space at Mia’s Resort:

  • sculptures by international sensations Tommy Cash, Valay Shende and Salman Khoshroo
  • hanging works by contemporary Estonian talent Kris Lemsalu, Merike Estna and Jass Kaselaan
  • prints by metropolitan street artists Swoon and M.F. Husain
  • Kashmiri hand-carved dining tables that take a year of a single artisan’s life to complete
  • marble inlay tabletops made by the same families, who built the Taj Mahal
  • local hand-stitched art-work by an islander Evely Jürisson
  • and many more!

Mia’s Story

Mia is a small girl, who loves everything about summer. She loves to splash water, walk barefoot on the grass, and
eat berries straight from the bush. She likes to roll in the sand, water the plants, and get messy.  There is one thing she doesn’t like though. She doesn’t like to do all these fun things alone. She wants to share the best with the best –
she wants to share her summer with her friends and family.

Mia’s joy for life and good company inspired Mia Glamping –  a place, where everyone can enjoy the beautiful simple things that Nordic summers offer us. We are a great seasonal resort in Estonia for families and groups.
Mia Glamping is a place to slow down and reconnect.

Find Mia Glamping

BY BUS: regularly scheduled busses from

  • Tallinn Bus Station – Orissaare Bus Stop
  • Tartu Bus Station – Orissaare Bus Stop
  • Kuressaare Bus Stop – Orissaare Bus Stop

 Mia Glamping is 500m from Orissaare Bus Stop.

Tickets: www.tpilet.ee/en/

BY CAR: Follow Google Maps for our site. 
Free parking spots on the site.

BY PHONE: +372 5353 6203 (May-September)
ADDRESS: 23 Ranna pst, Orissaare, Saaremaa, 94601 Estonia